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Watson Road Elementary
Our Inquiry Process

3 Big Picture Questions

What is going on for our learners?

How do we know?

Why does it matter?


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The staff, student voice met several times to share their opinions on what is going on for our learners.  Both groups collected rich evidence (placemat activity) about what is really is happening.

*The process was an excellent way to have a wide perspective on learning.


*RTI data / Student Learning Survey / ELP / Report Card / SWW / FSA


The staff and student voice concentrated their energies in two areas on which to focus; from this process, they both chose an area of high impact that will adress important issues.

*What caught their attention during the scanning phase?

Developing a Hunch

 The hunch phase asks the team (staff and students) to probe for evidence that will clarify what is leading to the present situation; they focused on areas that they have control of.  The process of involving learners and their families was needed to check the team's hunches.


All phases of the spiral of inquiry involve learning but now was the time to be specific - The inquiry team felt they needed to learn more about self-regulation and developing resiliency skills in our learners.

"Chefs need to eat, and writers need to read, and teachers need to learn and find new ways of doing things."

-Michelle A'Court

Taking Action

What can we do to make a meaningful difference?  The staff decided to make time to provide support our new action.

* Mindful Restoration

* Houston Kraft has been booked to work on core competencies and character strong attributes

* SCREAM Assemblies and class lessons for our gr. 6s  


 Have we made enough of a difference?  How do we know?

*Work in progress and will be able to determine during the new school year.