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Watson Road Elementary
Our Learning Story
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Our Learning Story


Watson Road Elementary is located in a rapidly growing area within the City of Kelowna.

* The school opened in the year 2000 with a student population of 358.

* The school has experienced steady growth and has a current school population of 555.

* The school entered into a partnership agreement with the City of Kelowna. The City contributed funds to build an additional classroom and a washroom with an outside access door for groups involved in field events during evenings and weekends; the partnership provides valuable service to the community.

* The school provides a wide range of activities to promote student involvement. There are extracurricular leadership, performing arts, sports and academic activities provided for students. These opportunities include such activities as intramural sports, monitoring jobs (lunch, office, library, and announcement monitors), Choir, Red Cedar Book Club, and Battle of the Books.